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You, the Engineering Problem

by Tyler Menezes

I’m not very good at most things. Most people aren’t

One thing I'm particularly deficient in is existing

That is, being a person. Many of us are. i have a number of problems, from communication, to over-optimism, to estimation

Admitting you're not perfect

refusing to do so seems justifiable, both from an ego and business perspective. However, improvement is likely to make you dramatically happier than continuing to pretend

You are an engineering problem

I am an engineering problem. Figuring out how to be a better human is one of the most significant and wide reaching investments you can make in your future happiness

Stop prentending

Trying to impress is likely the biggest enemy of becoming a better person. The technical and entrepreneurial circles seem to be particularly full of this

It’s imposible to form real connections

when we’re worried about appearances and without real connections it’s impossible to even figure out what your problems are

Hiding the bad?

Trying to build an image for yourself requires hiding the bad. Pretending mistakes weren’t. This is the part I’ve most struggled with

How do we get out of networking mode?

LISTEN. We love it when others listen, but we treat listening as a weakness

Stop Pretending

How many times have you pretended to know what somebody was talking about so you didn’t seem to be less knowledgable?

Say "Tell me more"

Acknowledging shortcomings does not make you a worse person. People love telling others about things they're passionate about

Genuinely listening actually lets you learn and improve

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