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This Is How I Work

by Prahasith

1. Inbox Zero

I clear my inbox 3 times a day. Morning, after lunch, and before I call it a day. I snooze some with Mixmax.

2. Sunrise Calendar and Fantastical Calendar

Sunrise has a beautiful iOS app and "meet" feature. Fantastical lives on my Mac menu bar. Easy to use on my computer. The NLP is pretty great. Both sync with Google Cal

3. Todos in Apple Reminders

Apple reminders are built into Macbook and iPhone notification centers. Makes it easy

4. Pomodoro

I do 25 minute tasks which I add to a Apple Reminders list. After ever 25 minutes I take a 5 minute break to clear my mind. I use Tadam for this.

5. Pen and Paper

I take all my notes on pen and paper. It's easier to draw/sketch and a lot less distracting. Forces you to keep concise.

6. Coffee

I drink a lot of coffee.

7. f.lux

It changes the color of your display to ease the strain on your eyes as the day progresses. Makes it easier to sleep after a long night of work

Would love to hear your tweaks, ideas, or comments!

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