How to Recruit a Technical Co-Founder
How to Recruit a Technical Co-Founder (aka how to be a great CEO) stories

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This post was written by Alex Capecelatro, CEO of Josh.AI. Prior to Josh, Alex founded At The Pool and Yeti. Alex has an engineering degree from UCLA, lives in Los Angeles and Denver, and likes to tweet about Artificial Intelligence and Design.

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How to Recruit a Technical Co-Founder

by Alex Capecelatro

How do I find a CTO?

Over the last few years I’ve built technical teams, launched several products, and currently work with the best CTO I could hope for.

The trick to persuading a CTO is to be a great CEO

Sounds obvious, but many entrepreneurs I’ve met focus on all the wrong things. If you want to attract top technical talent, work on these 10 things

1. Recruiting

Your ability to build a world-class team as the CEO will go a long way in impressing the CTO.

2. Fundraising + Presentations

Coming to the table as someone who has raised capital before, or invoking confidence in the ability to do so will go a long way in your efforts to attract the best.

3. Press

I’ve been on Fox Business, written up in TechCrunch. etc, etc, etc. showing your CTO that you’re able to network and execute on writeups

4. Product

Being a good CEO means product development, ideation, creative problem solving and offering thoughts on how to architect the solution.

5. Logistics

In a startup, someone needs to take out the trash. Someone needs to order business cards, make sure the WiFi works, and handle other loose ends.

6. Social media + Networking

As a startup, the biggest problem you face is no one knows you exist. Through social media and networking you need to build brand awareness, gain a following.

7. Contracts + Law Suits

Every startup will have to handle contracts. Unfortunately many startups will also have to deal with law suits. Trust me, these are not tasks anyone wants to do.

8. Sales

Sales is the #1 job as the CEO. You’re selling prospectus employees, investors, press, and hopefully your product!

9. Get technical

highly recommend getting proficient with the terms, learn enough to understand what’s going on, and ideally start doing some basic programming as well.

10. Company culture

If the people are happy, if they’re excited to be at work, if they like their co-workers and if they feel inspired, you’ll find great CTOs wanting to join you.

So that's about it.

If you can do the things a CTO can’t, or would prefer not to, you’re off to a great start

Many things need to be proven over time

If a CTO believes you’re going to raise capital, get press, hire a great team, build a great product and have tremendous sales, you’re miles ahead of most startup CEOs.

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