11 Reasons Why College is the Best Time to be a Founder
11 Reasons Why College Is The Best Time To Be An Entrepreneur stories

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Rajat Bhageria is the founder of Third Eye (http://thirdeyeglass.com/)

My full article is on Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/sit...

11 Reasons Why College is the Best Time to be a Founder

by Rajat Bhageria

Entrepreneurship is the millennial thing to do.

College is by far one of the best times to start working on a passion project because of the incredibly low opportunity costs and the potentially huge payoffs.

You’re most likely paying a huge sum just for tuition

You have no family to take care of. You’re living in a pre-paid dorm room. And surrounding you are thousands of incredibly motivated students, professors, and advisors.

There are already communities of people building things

While in school, my team and I created ThirdEye, a product that uses smart glasses to tell visually impaired persons what they are looking at.

From my experiences building up Third Eye

Here are 11 reasons that detail why you too should become a dorm room maker:

1) You'll actually enjoy doing it

The beauty of independent projects is that you have the opportunity to work on anything you want. No one is forcing you to do it.

2) It helps you developer a thicker skin

An independent project helps you develop grit. You will embrace uncertainty and accept failure. There was a fair amount of (good) stress on me to do well on everything

3) It teaches you practical skills

Being a dorm room founder allows you to take advantage of all the “good” theoretical aspects of the classroom while succeeding in the practical aspects of building.

4) It’s a great way to meet interesting people

One of the main reasons to attend college is not for the education, per se, but to meet cool, inspiring people. The people you know directly correlates to opportunities.

5) You learn how to leverage opportunities

With the extremely low resources, you quickly learn to find obscure opportunities and take advantage of them. The only way to become a better hustler is to hustle.

6) You learn to ask for help and meet important people

I would cold email major CEOs and entrepreneurs: I am working on this product where we hope to do X and Y, and I would love to get your advice on how we can do Z.

7) You learn how to talk to people

I realized that there is certainly an art to just talking with people. From sheer trial & error, I learned what semantics work and what body language doesn't work.

8) You really learn how to motivate a group of people

Especially when things go sour you really learn how to motivate a group of extremely intelligent people. You see which techniques work with what kind of people.

9) It makes you incredibly efficient with time

We are all natural procrastinators. We’ll take four hours to complete an assignment that should take an hour while checking Facebook and Twitter every 10 min.

10) The skills you learn will be useful

Everyone is an entrepreneur. Everyone tries to “sell” themselves, whether to recruiters or to customers. Working on projects separates you from everyone else

11) It helps you find yourself

I really think that these “crises” were really not crises at all; they were gifts. They helped me find out what I enjoyed doing.

The verdict:

“What are you working on to make the world a better place?”

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