To All my followers part two
To All my followers part two stories

toottoot losing everyhing but weight...
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To my 29 supportive followers

To All my followers part two

Thank you so much! I know I’m not famous or anything. But I actually think that this is amazing!

As I said before, I actually didn’t expect to have over 10 followers. I only have 29 tho, but I think that is quite a lot for my little tiny brain

Thank you for your support. Even tho the ppl who followed me won’t see this, I just want to thank you guys for even looking at my posts.

Sparing 1 minute of your day... to look at my posts. It means a lot.

Thank you!

That’s it for now! Enjoy your day my friends! 😊 Question for the comments: Is your bestie on Commaful? If so, who?

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