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I have trouble expressing myself

Through the past and present

Style of poetry

Because finding two points

On a timeline to compare

Becomes monotonous

For I have spent so much

Of my timeline wishing

I was a part of another

Every car I have ever owned

Came with a state of the art

Flashing red light

That reminds me that

I hate myself

Well not exactly

But it does ask me

Why I'm not wearing my seat belt

So I must reply "because

I hate myself"

Or more specifically

I would not mind if my body was thrown

From the car crashing through the windshield

Mutilating sound

Bound to the screams

Of whoever may be watching

Yet I found my will to live

The same way I search for

My sunglasses in the back seat.

Arms outstretched

Eyes closed

Going 90 down the highway

Now I have realized that my timeline is

But strands of hair woven into rope

Representing fate and / or destiny

Though testing me the knots tied along

Are moments unable to be adjusted

Moments only able to be trusted

Yet no matter what - are meant to be

For the most important knot proclaimed

And named of the hangman's

Kissed my neck goodbye

But the cracking of branch backings

Tied another

Looking back it's a wonder that

You gave me a reason to wear my seat belt

You gave me a reason to drive the speed limit

You gave me a reason to open my eyes

With lids peeled I see my vehicle

Has been updated

It is now equipped with a state of the art

Red flashing light

That asks me

How much do you love her

And I reply

"Enough to save my life"

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