I'm not gonna sugar coat it....
I'm not gonna sugar coat it.... sweatpantscoffee stories

tonyalawson Community member
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Not gonna sugar coat it, embrace the pain...

I'm not gonna sugar coat it....

by tonyalawson

Much can be said about the resilience of humans, and I intend to share my own personal resilience in hopes of encouraging those that may find themselves in similar circumstances...

When you are small the world moves slow. Days feel like years and years feel like your entire life, which can make trauma even more damaging to a fragile soul.

I often think back to these turbulent days with almost detached objectivity. Some days when I am writing about my life, I am overwhelmed with the release of pain with each keystroke.

Some days, it isn’t so pleasant and I am overwhelmed with feelings of grief and loss at the childhood that was disrupted and destroyed by a pedophile and our negligent mother.

I am reminded as I look outside my window today that I am blessed. My life didn’t end on the days I was abused. My life continued on and I crawled my way through it. I survived.....

We are not guaranteed the future, only the present. I am not advocating for haphazard living or indulging every impulse under the umbrella of living for the moment....

I am proposing that life is about experiencing our trauma, and learning what we are made of. Scratching at that pain and letting it heal. Learning how to feel again without letting it destroy you

Only then will you be free....

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