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tompk1cassondraI'm an aspiring actress and author.
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Spring is almost here.


by tompk1cassondra

A season of joy and peacefulness as winter dissolves into nothing.

Lime green grass grows everywhere, ticking your feet as you walk through the field.

Flowers of all colors, especially sunflowers sprout from hibernation

As if expressing "Finally, Spring is here."

A breath of fresh air

A season where college students are eager to take a break from their academic hellhole.

Gossip runs through the halls of the university

Continually talking about the awaited...

Spring break.

Professors, after teaching their lectures of the day

Let out a breath of relief or moaning with unenthusiastic expectations.

Eger to get back to their families like any other person, to spend time with their kids.

Or to spend hours upon hours of grading papers inside their one bedroom apartment

Or have their significant other help them.


"Spring break here we come"


A time of relaxation and letting go of your worries...

Until winter brings out it's ugly head.

The cycle starts over.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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This was a well thought out message. You writing skills made it even more exceptional. You made it like I was skipping through a park. I loved it. I am going to breach a subject that I hope does not offend you. Your images are all white people. At least put some African-American photos. You have a strong and talented black voice. Do not hide it under your hat. Great poem!!!!!!!