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An experience that no child should go through, my story of sexual abuse.

By: Cassondra Tompkins

Shhh... Don't tell anyone

by Cassondra Tompkins

Before her mom died at age 14, Her mom was alive and well at age 8.

Their relationship as you know, was great.

But like all single mothers, she had to work in order to provide.

That was something that couldn’t be denied.

Her daughter was in need of a babysitter, so she asked a friend.

A friend by the name of Rhonda

Rhonda agreed.

From there on, while her mother worked

The 8 year old girl would be watched by Rhonda at her house

Or Miss Rhonda as she called her.

The little girl loved Miss Rhonda

She was like a mom to the little girl

She would often take the little girl to different places

Such as in town carnival

Which any kid would love.

But that’s beside the point.

Like her mother, Miss Rhonda had a child.

A boy by the of Darryl who was in his teen years.

Often to he would keep to himself, he and the little girl would talk occasionally

Do homework together, playing outside etc.

Slowly becoming friends

Again, beside the point.

Darryl had a best friend.

A boy by the name of Alex, who came over often.

A little bit older than Darryl, but still in his teen years.

Upon meeting Alex, the little girl was shy at first.

Alex sensed her shyness

Reassured her with kindness

And the bubbly little girl felt at ease

Becoming instant friends was a breeze

Playing video games was their favorite pass time

A game involving martial arts, an unusual thing for a little girl to play a part.

But the little girl loved every feature of the game, the kicks and punches galore

But soon her life will never be the same

After a few battles, the little girl earned a high score

"I won!" she exclaimed. Throwing her hands in the air without any shame.

Alex, seeing her a bliss, rewarded her with a small kiss

A kiss from which the little girl thought was the norm

For she has shown affection to her family like this before

But this kiss was different, a more romantic kind.

As time went on, each time she scored

The kisses would become deeper than ever before

His tongue down her throat, almost choking her

Do see where this is going dear reader/listener?

One day he took a step too far

The little girl in the bathroom, washing her hands to be clean

Alex arrives unseen

He closes the door, backing her into a corner

"Shhh... don't tell" he whispers gently.

With lust in his eyes, he kisses her once more

deeper and deeper

The sound of her zipper being undone to her pants

echos in her ears

Suddenly filled with fear

His hand slowly going down, below her waistline

Reaching her private area, he caresses, rubs, and jams

A sound of pleasure escapes his lips

Almost as if he at the point of masturbation

A powerful moan emerges, he has reached destination of pleasure.

Pleasure in which the little girl did not have, but instead fear and anxiety.

Thus, prompting a constant abuse at Miss Rhonda house.

Now little girl has grown up, a young woman at age 20.

Her life scarred, doing her best to move on.

But you don't know this dear reader/listener

At age 18, she saw him again

Reliving that moment in time in her mind

all over again, Fighting the urge to confront him for his sick crime.

But deciding not to, knowing that he will deny.

To this day her family and friends don't know

Worst of all, her mother went to be with Jesus

and she will never know

No child should ever have to go through any kind of abuse

To those who have gone through it, Don't live your life in fear

Share your experience with some you love dear

To loved one who is listening, have an open heart

Don't exclaim angrily "Why didn't you tell me?!"

For that will only make your loved one feel worse

But say these words "I'm so sorry. It's all right. I'm here."

Provide comfort and reassurance, give them a hug, tell them you love them.

To all victims of sexual abuse, I feel your pain

Because as that little girl, my life has never been the same.

I want you to know, you are not alone.

don't let this dictate your life, you are victorious.

But most of all, I know this sounds crazy

But it's something I had to do, not living my life in fear and bitterness.

Forgive the one who violated you, who stole your innocence.

For we must forgive 70x7

As my aunt always says "Forgiveness is for us, not the other person.

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