City life
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tompk1cassondraI'm an aspiring actress and author.
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Freestyle writing contest entry. Hope it's good!

City life

by tompk1cassondra

I lay in my bed, the blanket feels soft and cozy. After a long day of working at the barista in my small suburban town of St. Charles, I find myself looking up at the ceiling in my dark room.

As I drift to sleep, darkness escapes from my mind and suddenly I see a flash of light. I find myself lying on the warm summer grass, gazing up at the beautiful sunset. Trees swaying.

The scene shifts, and now I find myself at the top of a valley of some kind. The autumn wind blowing in my face, water crashing down between the moutains. And the sunset, beautiful as ever.

After exploring the valley; I find myself driving at fast paste on the highway, the road is smooth as I drive and from my rear view I can see the moutains getting bigger as I drive past them.

I've finally reached my destination: New York. The city of love. A city where apartments are expensive and celebrities are greeting fans near by. City life at it's fullest.

So here I am in my luxury apartment, getting a great view of Manhattan, the sound of cars honking their horns and people yelling rings in my ears. And once again watching the sunset peacefully.

I awake at the sound of birds chirping, indicating it's early morning. "Wow" I think to myself. "It felt so real." After getting dressed, I decided to go for an early jog in the nature trail.

It's 6:00 am, and I'm out for a run. Still thinking about my dream of living in New York. Living the luxury lifestyle that most people aim to have. The sun comes up as I run along the trail.

The day has passed and nightfall emerges. I gaze up at the sky covered in stars so close you could almost reach out and grab one. "Luxury life... Is that what I want? " I think to myself.

There's no doubt that I could move to New York, get a job as marketer for a major company. Buy an expensive apartment downtown near the public market. I'm financially stable, so it could happen.

But do I really want to trade suburban life for city life? Do I want to give up driving down the road, where a forest of trees block the blinding sun from my view, giving me a cool shade.

Do I want to give up seeing hundreds upon hundreds of mountains, each beautiful and unique in their own way. As autumn passes, winter emerges and fleets of snow cover the ground as I drive.

No. I don't want to give up my suburban life, I would miss it too much. I would miss the peace and quiet of my small town and the nature trail as well. I can always visit NY, I can't live in NY.

I would rather stay here in my home where I can go fishing by the lake or just plain swimming. Some say that when you dream of a place that's seems like paradise, you're meant to be there.

But I say that, no matter where you go, never forget where you come from, and you'll always find a way back home.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
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Can you imagine how many people who inhabit those concrete canyons are dreaming about what you have? Your descriptive words were delectable. You painted word scene for me to see. I applaud your values. I have a lifelong friend who lives in NYC. He comes to my house about 6 times a year to recharge. Great post!!!!!!