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A story of joy, loss, and peace that will have you learn the true meaning of life and gratefulness.

By: Cassondra Tompkins

A girl with no voice

by Cassondra Tompkins

A girl with no voice has just been born. Her eyes opening and she sees the world for the first time, taking a breath of the fresh new world air as the lights of the hospital room shine.

Almost as if the sun had been captured from the sky, forming into a billion lights. She's scared at first, not knowing what this new world will bring her... What she will become.

Will she have wealth or poverty? Beauty or unattractiveness? Questions upon questions eager to be answered instantly.

But like all things in this twisted, messed up, but some- what peaceful world; Instant gratification doesn't always happen. Good things come to those who wait.

And the girl with no voice? She's crying an infant's cry, the way she should be crying because she's a newborn; If she wasn't crying she be a.. stillborn.

A mother's worst nightmare. Her face being wiped with a soft cloth, has no effect on her crying being ceased.

Her way of being fed is cut off with sliver scissors, so sharp that laceration can happen at any second.

Warm water splashes against her pale brown skin, washing off all the blood and amniotic fluid she swam in for nine months.

She's getting her first bath, who would have thought? After hours of being pushed out, causing pain and fear to her mother. The first thing she does in this new and strange world...

is have a bath, or a nice way to put it... being pampered. Her crying has reached a low to this point, because now she's about to meet her mother.

She can sense it as a warm blanket is wrapped around her, stimulating the warmth and nurture of a mother's love.

Her mother sees her, eyes welling up with tears of joy. Relived that her baby is alive and well, but also praying for the mothers down the hall from her room.

Who unfortunately, their babies did not make it into this world. Yes, they got to hold and even take pictures with their little one.

But it's not the same as seeing the life of your child bursts through them, a smile spreading across their face; looking up at you.

As if saying "Hello", their skin against yours; feeling every beat of your heart. Knowing that you'll keep them safe... forever, Little fingers gripping yours; never wanting to let go.

That's what the mother of the soft and warm baby girl encountered, seeing her daughter for the first time was a joy. And the excruciating pains of labor were worth it.

The mother's joy was put on hold for just a moment, as she grieves for her lost baby. What you ask?

Her baby was just brought to her, alive and well; compared to the other mothers down the hall from her. How can she grieve? Yes, her baby is alive...

but their was another before her, another that mirrored the newborn sleeping in her arms at this very moment. The girl with no voice was born three minutes apart before her... Twin.

Who unfortunately was born dead eight minutes ago. Those mothers down the hall from her room... was her husband and family by her side, taking photos with the lost twin.

Treasuring every moment they had with her, those tears of joy... were tears of sorrow and grief, as she watched her still born daughter being taken away.

Never to be seen, never to grow up; the girl with no life... no voice.

But joy has come back to the mother, as she receives her only living baby girl. Treasuring every moment she has with her and the years to come.

Showing gratefulness that her daughter is alive and well, vowing to always love, nurture, and protect her daughter with her life.

Thanking god today and all of her days to come; where there is darkness, light always shines through and peace is given. Where there is sorrow, hope begins to flourish.

Whatever life throws at you, even when you feel like you've lost everything; In the end, you've gained so much more.

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