My Favorite Podcasts of 2015
My Favorite Podcasts of 2015 stories

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My Favorite Podcasts of 2015

From Ira Glass appearing on The Tonight Show, to popular radio personality Howard Stern voicing his opinion, 2015 was a big year for the podcast medium.

Podcasts are...

Informative, insightful, intimate, and sometimes powerfully emotive.

A great way to catch up on world & industry news

From general happenings to vertical deep dives, podcasts are an approachable way to get caught up while performing rote, muscle-memory tasks like commuting to work.

Or get lost in a story

Shows like This American Life, which started in the 90s as a radio show, present long-form fiction and non-fiction stories and harken back to the days before television.

And they're accessible, democratic even

Thanks to wide adoption of Internet-connected mobile phones with good microphones, anyone can consume, create, and distribute podcasts. The audience is now massively globalized.

The best podcasts, however, still have quality measures

Listeners need to be able to hear the speakers and follow along without getting distracted by background noise or superfluous bells & whistles.

Some of my favorites from 2015 were...

The Jay & Farhad Show

Deep dive into 1-2 most important pieces of tech industry news each week. Layman's terms used to explain concepts and ideas. Casual.

Reply All

Stories about the Internet's impact on people in the real world and vice-versa. Regular segments include explaining popular Internet culture and emerging memes.

Planet Money

A weekly look at the hidden economics of everything. Stories range from why the price of a Coke didn't change for 70 years to how the US got more people to become organ donors.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Interviews with world class performers exploring the routines and methods behind how they do what they do. Guests range from Olympians to bestselling authors and yes, leading tech executives.

The A16Z Podcast

Discussion of trends, news, and the future of a world being shaped by technology; features guest industry experts and business leaders from around the world.

This Week In Tech

A weekly roundtable discussion with top tech pundits on the weeks' most interesting stories. Long episodes; covers many stories in depth.

This American Life

A weekly show which shares three investigative stories from around the world that all share the same theme.

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