It can only ever be me
It can only ever be me pain stories

tom_wesker Getting by through creating
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When you give yourself to someone and get hurt

It can only ever be me

It can only ever be me

That jabs the blade gently into myself.

It cannot ever be you,

That breaks me down so slowly, softly,

Just like the grinding waves on the grey clay cliff face,

Or stars burning in the infinite void of space.

It can only ever be me

That fights my own thoughts for eternity;

And your problems,

Wave after wave,

With what discarded tools I can find.

I dig deeper,

Down, down

With each spoken sentence,

Trying to save you with my broken existence.

It can only ever be me

To show you charity, compassion.

But it must always be you

That spits it out just like a bad taste,

And you rid yourself of my love,

Like a disease.

You clean your skin,

Of my filth,

So there’s no trace I was ever there.

Now I don’t trust anyone with those feelings

Because I’m scared of feeling that pain.

And I can’t say sorry to anyone else encase it all happens again.

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