[You, my sister.]
[You, my sister.] sister stories

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A poem I wrote for my sister when I was 10. Appreciate your siblings, even though they can be the last person you want to love!

[You, my sister.]

A poem for my sister. I do love my sister

A poem for my sister. I do love my sister (most of the time).

You, my sister, can be bossy, While I, myself, can be saucy.

You, my sister, can be nice, While I, myself, will act as ice.

You, my sister, can be mean, While I, myself, can act like queen.

You, my sister, can be sharing, While I, myself, won't be caring.

So thank-you for the joy and glee, That you have nicely made for me.

[my thoughts]: I cringed at certain parts (the "like ice" part for me). I bet you did too. My sister doesn't know I have a Commaful account…so if you one day see this, uh, hi? Surprise? (O __ O)

So, remember, appreciate your siblings. Most of the time, my sister gets on my nerves, but there are still many wonderful moments with her. If you don't have a sibling…take this time to appreciate your parents…or else your cousins, or grandparents, or friends, etc.

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