When the end comes
When the end comes wish stories

tofu_tofu sleep is my second best friend
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When the end comes

I'll pay you a nickel, a penny, a dime, For just a split second of time, So much work to do and wants to fulfill, I haven't got time to stay still.

I'll pay you one thousand, a million, or more, I'll work for the money though poor, I've got to run there, and I've got to run here, Such chaos I simply can't bear.

So give me a second, an hour, a year, My time running out is my fear, Give me rest, oh, a moment of peace, Where I am no longer a beast.

Child, I'm tired, my end is quite near, My clock will stop ticking, my dear, I begged for time, but I got not one bit, And the small piece I had, I wasted it, Wishing for more time in fear.

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