The Yogi of the Yurt

The Yogi of the Yurt art stories

tofu_tofu sleep is my second best friend
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A piece for today's confusing prompt "yogart". Enjoy! :)

The Yogi of the Yurt

I am a simple person, Who lives within a yurt, I live among the grassy plains, And often eat yogurt.

I practice many art forms, I paint, I dance, I sing, But yoga is my favorite one Among the other things.

I've recently discovered, A meditation art, Use creamy yogurt as some paint, I've labeled it "yogart".

As painting is quite lovely, I've decided to sell Some simple "yogart" yoga art (It's doing very well).

Well, thank you for your visit, It was quite heart-to-heart! Remember now, before you go To try out some "yogart"!

after[word]: Haha, I had fun writing this. Thanks to @skye for giving me the idea by mentioning yoga- art. Go check out her piece YogUrt! Yoga art is just pictures of yoga poses, by the way. Well, at least that's what Google showed me. Thanks for reading! :)

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