The Restaurant: ramblings about [fish] and [other aspects] of the meal
The Restaurant:

ramblings about [fish] and
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I had inspiration so I wrote about fish. I can't guarantee it'll make you hungry—I ended up talking about eyeballs.

The Restaurant: ramblings about [fish] and [other aspects] of the meal

When I go out to eat with my family, We usually order some fish, And whether it's steamed or it's fried, It's mainly the favorite dish.

The parts that I eat are the body, the cheeks, With scallions and ginger, I love, Or with black bean sauce and some rice, It's heavenly fish from above!

And soon, all the fish, it is mostly consumed, The meat of the body is gone, Now you may presume that it's done, But no, it has barely begun!

My aunt takes the gills, and she eats them with rice, My cousin, she's given the head, The stomach is made into soup, (But I'd rather stay thirsty instead.)

The eyes, my friend told me, are tasty and good, (Especially when dipped in sauce). The furthest that I ever went, Was only to take an eye out.

I stared at it wondering if I should eat, But courage I sadly do lack, So slowly I did pick it up, And into the fish, placed it back.

Now back to the story, my cousin, the head, She also agreed with my friend, The eyeballs were tasty for her, And they, in her mouth, met their end.

And well, I believe it's resourceful to eat, Eat up as much parts as you can, But eating the head, the whole thing, I never intend to soon plan.

The fish now all done, yes the meal is complete, But whether my aunt eats the gills, Or one person eats the whole head, They all will still fight for the bill.

after[word]: I had a craving for fish, so I gained an inspiration to write about it. One time when my cousin stayed over at my house, she brought with her a container of salmon heads . . . and balut. I'll stick to my rice.

But I guess if you grew up eating it, it's normal for you. My grandmother used to make my family fish stomach soup. I hated it (especially the texture of the stomach) but my dad drank and ate everything. He told me how one time he was drinking his soup and found a cockroach at the bottom. Ew.

And obviously, if you didn't notice, I got the fish photo from China Sichuan Food. (It was really just the first picture that showed up when I googled it. Thanks for reading (I'm amazed people follow me for this content . . .) and bye!

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