the [discovery]: instant noodles

the [discovery]:

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tofu_tofu sleep is my second best friend
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The tasty friend who's always there for me when I'm too lazy to cook anything healthier.

the [discovery]: instant noodles

The first time I discovered your salty, salty taste, My heart became ecstatic, your flavor I embraced.

Your curly, curly noodles, the texture I adore. Besides, you're so much cheaper, than fresh meals at the store.

With eggs you're even better, with char siu* you're divine! Oh, endless combinations, to make you taste so fine. *roast pork

But sadly you are harmful, filled up with MSG. Though you are super scrumptious, you're very unhealthy.

The hours you save me cooking, I repay it with time That I spend exercising (it isn't that sublime).

But I shall always eat you (though I might soon regret), Your flavoring I'll always love, your taste I won't forget!

after[word]: I'm sad. Commaful barely has any photos of instant noodles. I think a while back, @stadarooni suggested writing about ramen. Plus I ate some Tuesday, so I decided to make today's piece about it.

And, if you have not yet discovered the wonderfulness of instant noodles, go buy some. They're cheap. I recommend Shin Ramyeon (a bit pricier), Nissin (cheap), or JML (beef stew-flavored).

And, for anyone who's wondering: ramen (ラーメン) = Japanese (actually the Japanese transcription of the Chinese word: lāmiàn 拉麵) ramyeon (라면) = Korean word for ramen (thanks to Wikipedia for that info)

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