[the cry of the banana]

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Oh, what did I do, to earn this mistreatment?

[the cry of the banana]

Oh, what did I do, to earn this mistreatment? I've never hurt you, yet you treat me with shame.

I'm held by my throat, with my friends and my kin. You stand there and gloat, as we die one by one.

My brethren are gone; from the hook I have fallen. Oh, you have not won, with regret you'll be filled!

You've slaughtered my kin, you inhuman person. The war will begin! Face my great fury!

Alas! I'm too weak. I've fallen in disgrace. I now watch you seek the weapon for my end!

The prick and the pain, oh, you mutilate me. This deed, inhumane, will not you be kind?

Coldness enwraps me, a weight on my faint chest. A sauce, dark, sticky, it floods my pale sides.

Then a lid clatters, and something is shaken. My heart, it shatters; you open the drawer.

A soft spraying noise, and then metal hits glass. There's only one choice, to fail here, disgraced.

The prick and the pain, oh, the spears enter me. I'll die here in shame. I'm sorry, my friends . . .

after[word]: I logged on to respond to comments, and I see this message sent by @skye: today's prompt 'banana split' is crying for you :)) And so, I ended up writing this. (Thanks, @skye! <3)

Is it funny that as I'm writing this, I'm listening to music under the record label "Banana Culture Music"? Oh, never mind, the song changed. And, to all the bananas out there, I'm never going to stop eating you. Sorry, you taste too good.

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