[the battle]
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tofu_tofu sleep is my second best friend
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Sometimes, the best things give you the worst things.

[the battle]

I take my stance, With weapon in hand, Fearless and brave, Forever I'll stand.

Enemy comes, With looks, it deceives. I won't retreat. I'll die, but not leave.

I poise my blade, So elegantly sharp, I aim, I slash, The cover destroyed.

I peer within, I sever with fork. Knife reveals all The sugar that lurks.

I've won the war, But only on plate. Sugar within, How much will you hate?

I cannot fight, For war will begin, Not on the plate, But deep, deep within.

after[word]: I guess this is sort of written in connection with my previous piece, birthday ache. I didn't plan it, but it just happened. I just ate a cookie, and now I want cake. I also need sleep. Good thing I don't have a stomach ache . . .

Due to reasons, I probably won't be on Commaful that often. I also haven't really had time to write anything good, so I have nothing to post. I feel bad that I'll miss a whole lot of good writings, so I'll try to catch up time to time! Thank you for reading, and best wishes, @tofu_tofu

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