thank you

thank you
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A sort of long thank-you?

thank you

just another thank you floating around Commaful + random things I wanted to say

I had no idea what to use as the background, so I thought, "Might as well use food." And so, you have a beautiful picture of farfalle with pesto, tomatoes, and miscellaneous greens. Now, with that out of the way, let us get back to the main reason why I made this.

Wooh. (I have more than 1 follower!) I actually wanted to make this to thank everyone who made this possible. So, here we go! (If you don't want to read this, why are you still here?)

@hemalatha_g Thank you for telling me how awesome my pieces were and how you appreciated me. It really encouraged me to write and post more! :)

@stadarooni (another raw cookie dough lover) Thank you for always giving such kind, insightful, and interesting comments! And thank you for shouting out my piece. I'd write more, but it can't fit in one slide. (To be honest, the only reason I followed you was because when I updated my interests, Commaful automatically made me follow you.)

@Cuculater (maybe my long lost sister?) Thank you for all your funny and kind comments! I'm glad we relate on many different things (procrastination, food, and clumsiness.) I enjoy reading your works (they usually make me laugh). :)

@skye (the haiku master) Seriously, your comments exude so much sweetness and kindess. <3 I started using hearts because of you. Thank you for all your kind and loving words! Your haikus are wonderful (especially Cake!)

@everyoneelse Thank you very much for everything you've done! I truly appreciate it. I seriously never expected my works to be this popular. Thank you. :) (Please don't feel bad if I didn't mention you by name! There are too many lovely people! I appreciate you all!)

@mom Even though you'll probably never read this . . . thank you for all the hours you spent reading poetry to me. <3

unrelated after[thought]: I regret my username (especially whenever I read it in a comment.) I should've chosen a better one. Oh, well, can't change it! :P I chose it because I didn't think I'd end up using Commaful long-term.

I've always wanted to do a Q&A (it's an odd dream of mine), so ask away! Please don't ask too deep questions; my lazy brain can't handle them. If you ask anything very personal, you might get a very vague, or dumb, or totally-avoiding-the-question-itself response.

[disclaimer]: I might not answer every single question . . . it depends what it's about. Is it just me, or does the pasta look like little grubs?

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