[smoke] alarm


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When you set off the smoke alarm because you messed something up when cooking. (Trout, in this fictional case).

[smoke] alarm

Loud alarm singing, The smoke covers me, Both my ears ringing, I gasp to be free.

Fish in the oven, I pray you are fine. Windows are opened, Smoke, leave, the food's mine!

Grey veil is staying, I'm scared for my meal. Ceiling fan spinning, The fish, smoke won't steal!

Kitchen all cleared now, The fish I take out, It is time to chow, On lovely burnt trout.

after[word]: This poem was once again caused by @skye. I didn't even realize today's prompt was "smoke". To be honest, I've never set of the fire alarm by cooking something in the oven. I also don't believe I've eaten baked trout before (I might have unknowingly).

Do you know how I set off the smoke alarm (once), though? I took a super hot shower (that was when my bathroom didn't have an exhaust system.) I opened the door, and the alarm went off. Yes, it was that hot of a shower. I was very embarrassed when my family came running.

P.S. I prefer salmon. Trout just rhymed with "out". Plus, it is only one syllable.

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