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tofu_tofu sleep is my second best friend
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Oh, I did a #onefact even though technically I'm giving you more than one fact. So, it's more like #randomfacts . . .

#onefact [ technically #randomfacts ]

[thanks to]: @kaylynn for starting this! I've had so much fun reading other people's #onefact pieces.

@stadarooni suggested I do a piece on what the "panda" in my profile picture is so shocked by. Here we go.

[1] - It's a blue koala, named Koya, from BT21 (it's fine, I didn't know it was a koala until I finally read up on it.) Koya has detachable ears, and a fear of its ears falling off. Tape is an option, I guess . . .

[2] - BT21 was created as a collaboration between Line (a messaging app) and BTS (super popular K-pop group). The gif is actually part of a sticker collection used to denote shock. I have Line, but I don't

have the sticker set. I really want to get it though . . . The gif is also used as Koya's profile picture on the official website.

[3] - Yes, it was created by BTS, but I'm not a fan of them. When I say I'm not a fan, it doesn't mean I hate them. I do listen to some of their songs, but I don't follow them at all.

Haha, my two friends give me updates whether I like it or not.

[4] - The only groups I really follow are AKMU and Mili. (By "follow" I mean I Google them once in a while to see if anything is new.)

[5] - Is anyone out there a BLACKPINK fan? Red Velvet? Am I alone here? AKMU? Mili?

[6] - Another thing. I love tofu (silken tofu, firm tofu, fish tofu, even though it's technically not tofu, etc.) I bet you didn't know that yet.

[7] - I can be sarcastic at times. Very sarcastic.

[8] - I enjoy playing video games, especially Smash. Online players are scary, though. Legend of Zelda is also fun (at least Wind Waker is.) Four Swords is painful.

Well, thank you for reading this. Now you know more about my profile gif and a tiny bit more about me. I'm pretty sure you learned more about the gif than about me, though. Hehe.

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