[I am a train]

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I am a train—sad and dusty.

[I am a train]

I am a train—

Sad and dusty,

Sad and dusty, unused and rusty.

Sad and dusty, unused and rusty. My covers are musty,

Sad and dusty, unused and rusty. My covers are musty, yet my engine's still trusty.

I remember the times

when I was young and well used.

I viewed mountains and meadows,

and blue skies and sunsets.

I am a train—

Cold and crying,

too old and dying,

Outdated but trying,

yet I sit here

yet I sit here just sighing.

I remember the time

when I was painted and shined.

I was ready for journeys

across the whole country.

Yet I'm done and retired,

with no hope of a fixing,

with no hope of more travels,

with no hope of

with no hope of return.

[afterword]: I created this because one day I thought, "Oh…dusty, rusty, and musty rhyme. Nice." Great reason why. Other things inspired it, too………maybe. (Mountain picture credit to wallpapersbrowse.com)

[after question]: Out of curiosity…how old do you think I am? I'm wondering how old a bunch of users on Commaful are… Well, since I like my privacy, I'll probably only respond to you with a very vague answer. Hehehehe. ~(° ε ° ~) I'm a weirdo.

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