Goodnight, say hello.

              Goodnight, say hello. sky stories

tofu_tofu sleep is my second best friend
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For @stadarooni who gave me the prompt of writing something relating to surrealism or dreams. :)

Goodnight, say hello.

Farewell, to the time of this world, Goodnight, say hello to strange dreams, Where visions collide, mix, and swirl, In dangerous, beautiful streams.

This world in the palm of my hand, A weird and a wonderful place, Imagine, create a new land, In planets tucked deep in my mind.

A beautiful world formed by me, Made up of my dreams, thoughts, and wants, My travels through caves, forests, seas, An infinite wander alone.

A journey, euphoria-filled, My eyes drift so weary and tired, A cloud carries me up, so chilled, And rests me upon sandy shores.

I open my eyes to the view, The stars have been sunk in the sea, And birds, they all fly through the blue, The blue of the ocean and sky.

A realm filled with peace and with pain, With subconscious tears flowing out, A silent and unnoticed stain, But stopped by the warmth I am in.

The droplets of tears float up high, Away where they form into stars, A sparkling, glorious sky, A smile so deep down inside.

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