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tofu_tofu sleep is my second best friend
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Cookies save me when working. Hahaha bye-bye healthiness

crunch crunch

Crunch, crunch, I munch upon my thoughts, A bit of salt, a bit of sweet, A cookie for my mind, distraught.

Munch, munch, I crunch upon my work, A bit of pain, a bit of joy, My brain will go berserk.

Crunch, munch, crunch, munch, I chomp upon my cookie, I chomp upon my brain, I chomp upon I don't know what, The sugar numbed the pain.

after[word]: Life's been a bit hectic, but that's life so it's okay. I had a fancy cookie sitting on my desk, so I slowly munched on it as I worked to help my brain. I hope everyone's doing well! It'll be nice to catch up on unread stories this weekend. :D

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