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tofu_tofu sleep is my second best friend
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Comfort food is the perfect meal. :)

[comfort food]

You eat and taste, you view and smell, The wonder of a meal cooked very well.

Your aching heart, will slowly heal, As bite by bite, you eat that perfect meal.

Go savor it, the joy and bliss, So flavorful, the meal of happiness.

after[word]: Of all the days I didn't really spend much time on Commaful, the prompt had to be "perfect meal". Thank you to Skye for bringing the prompt to my notice! I wrote this very last minute. But, Commaful finally added more pictures of noodles. I'm happy. ^^

Comfort foods are the best. They're truly the perfect meal. One of my comfort foods is macaroni in soup with spam and peas. It might sound weird, but my dad would always make it as a quick and easy meal. (Instant noodles also. And hotpot! Can't forget that!) What are some of your comfort foods? :D

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