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Here's a short piece on brownies for @dawnvalley and @skye. It could technically be about cake also.


Mix and stir and whisk it all, The sugar, flour, eggs, Vanilla, butter, pinch of salt, Oh, ‘round the bowl they go!

Add the wondrous magic now, A cup of cocoa in, Then spread the goodness all around, Make sure it’s all well mixed!

In a pan, we’ll bake it all, Now wait, and wait, and wait, Wait for the timer to go off, The tempting scent I smell!

Crispy, chewy, crunchy sides, The wait is worth the work, So soft, it satisfies my soul, This essence of magic that’s baked in a pan!

after[word]: Brownies are basically one of the best desserts. Ah, fresh brownies with ice cream . . . Maybe I should bake some soon. (And yes, the last sentence has a change in rhythm because I wanted to squish everything into one line!)

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