Around the World in 80 Bites
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Obviously the better the adventure. It's much safer (and tastier).

Around the World in 80 Bites

Cauliflower forests, Mixed with broccoli and peas, Let us start our conquest here, Across the gravy seas.

Take a nibble, take a bite, Of all this tasty scenery, Carrot flowers make a site, Throughout the greenery.

Start a fire, heat the pot, We can't afford to waste our time, Cook the fish, the one we caught, And season it with lime.

Make a stew, a hearty stew, Potato trees grow everywhere, Pick some carrot flowers, too, Then get some beef for us to sear.

Moon is rising higher, Oh, a golden ball of cheese, It'd be tasty over fire, With bread it would appease!

Let our trip continue, To chocolate mountains, sweet, Capped with powdered sugar, too, The texture you can't beat.

Land of Pies is nearby, We'll just cross the Sea of Soup, Lentil stars, up in the sky, Will guide our merry troop!

Beach is formed by pie crusts, They're so crispy, flaky, brown, Eat with peaches, it's a must, Gets rid of all your frowns!

Tastiness is all here, Oh, there're pools of cherry, peach, Rhubarb, chocolate, custard, pear, They're all within my reach.

Next up are the islands, With volcanoes filled with curry, Time is running short, my friends, So let us feast with hurry.

Lastly we stop by, Quite a small land made of tofu, Bring some sauces out to try, To dip and eat some pieces.

Now our journey's ended, Please walk back carefully, Silk tofu is slippery, (But also heavenly).

Stomachs are not hungry, It is time for our return, We shall sail back 'cross the sea, Where true meals wait for us.

after[word]: As you can tell, the title was inspired by Around the World in Eighty Days. I first read that book when I was around 10(?) and needless to say, I wasn't quite sure what was going on. In fact, I remember more things about the bail system then about traveling the world in 80 days.

And, I'm sorry if you are allergic to/hate peaches. They definitely won't make you smile. I love peaches.

Also, there is a lack of tofu pictures. Ah, the sadness.

If you don't know the difference in all those glorious tofus, here's a basic guide.


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