[a walk in a daydream] and [a daydream in a walk]

[a walk in a daydream]


[a daydream in a walk] sky stories

tofu_tofu sleep is my second best friend
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Here's a piece I wrote based on @stadarooni's suggestion! :) Happy reading!

[a walk in a daydream] and [a daydream in a walk]

The sun, a smiling friend too see, Its friendship beams on me, The waves, they brush against the rocks, A gentle touch, a gentle noise.

Serenity flow through the air, Dance with the dragonflies, And softly blow against my hair, Don’t leave me for the bright blue sky.

The pathway to a sunny shore, Guide me from grassy grounds, Bring me to wondrous worlds from lores, The lands of daydreams passing by.

Each step, part of a journey here, Along the winding path, The flowers, dancing, all in pairs, The grass now singing joyful tunes.

I leave the forest songs behind, And touch the pale, white sand, The peacefulness soars through my mind, As little waves come greet my feet.

The sky, the ocean, blend as one, A world so vast and blue, With sparkling water, shining sun, Where maybe dreams come true.

after[word]: Why the long title? I'm indecisive. As I was writing this, I began to think: "Am I writing this as a walk in a daydream, or as a daydream I'm having in a walk?" You might think it's useless to ponder of these two things, but that's how my brain works.

Thanks to Stadarooni for the idea! I had fun writing this. :) Pizza and brownie/cake stories to come! Thank you for reading, sweet dreams!

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