Q+A (Part 1)
Q+A (Part 1) myheroacademia stories

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Q+A (Part 1)

Who is my favorite Sanders Sides character? WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE? XD

My favorite Sanders Sides character is....

Who are my top three?

Do I like anime?




One anime I'm watching at the moment which I've been planning on for a long while is My Hero Academia (BNHA) [Boku no My Hero Academia] and I'm watching it on Kissanime; the episode I'm on is 54 :3

What is my favorite food or drink?

Well, I like a lot of food... but I really like pizza rolls :D My favorite drink would probably be either punch or sweet tea My favorite soda drink would be probably Coka Cola or Pepsi (I do like Mountain Dew but I like Pepsi more, sorry ^^;)

Do I have any pets?

Well, I have: *6 cats: Buttons, Buster, Buddy, Boots, Georgie, Loui *1 dog: Daisy *2 turkeys *Lots of cows and goats *1 donkey: Dexter or Jerkface as we call him (He's mean to the cows) *Lots of chickens and 4 ducks *11 bunnies *We have two calves with the cows, one boy and one girl

What are my ships in BNHA?


Kiribaku/Bakukiri Kirishima x Bakugo Bakugo x Kirishima

Shinkami/Kinsho Kaminari x Shinso Shinso x Kaminari

Todobaku/Bakutodo Todoroki x Bakugo Bakugo x Todoroki

Erasermic/Micawa Present Mic x Aizawa Aizawa x Present Mic

Tsuchako/UraTsuyu Tsuyu x Ochako Ochako x Tsuyu

Ochoga/Tochako Uraraka x Toga Toga x Uraraka

AND SO MANY OTHERS!!!! (Momojiro is another)

Do I watch sub or dub bnha?

I watch sub bnha lol I watch a lot of the sub version when watching anime I feel like it's better in sub version because it's the original version and makes it more natural; but that's my opinion :3 Everyone has their own opinions on sub or dub anime (BNHA) UwU

I'm on episode 54, still (XD oof) because I've been working on that big Voltron project and have other specials planned :3 Plus I also have my stories to think about as well (and future stories)

Do I ship Shinkami?


Yes!!! I think of them as the younger version of Erasermic/Micawa and I find that beautiful. (PLUS THEY'RE SO CUTE TOGETHER LIKE AHHHH)

Any ship with Mineta is a ship I dislike. I don't ship UraDeku but I would give it a 2.5-3/10 on a scale of 1-10. I don't have any ship with Endeavor. Any ship in BNHA that is incest, illegal, or not allowed, is a ship I do not ship.

The only ship I will allow that is incest in Hikaru and Kaoru from OHSHC

I also ship these two :3 (Tamaki and Haruhi are a cute ship, ngl) (But there is another ship I like and that is: Tamaki and Kyoya)

What was my inspiration for Piercing eyes? My inspiration came from @rainbowslushie's story, Embers, and I am forever looking forward to new updates and new looks of inspiration for further series :3 Thank you so much for inspiring me!!! :D (Besties forever, for all time and after)

Who's my favorite BNHA character?

..... My all time favorite is...

I stan the Bakugang. (Bakusquad)

Have some cute Bakusquad (Bakugang) gifs and some angst :3

Well, here's part 1! :D Hope you enjoy!!! PLUS ULTRA

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