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Memes I promised you

These memes come from me and @picklesstalker's story we have done for a couple years now. One character is a Yandere, Liam, who talks with his Yandere side who we call Yan or Daren :3 Liam is my character (he's 20 years old) and these are the memes I made. Any questions, ask in the comments :D (Also I made these when we had no WiFi; momturneditoff,twodifferenttimes)

About the first meme: Liam and Yandere like to eat bloodsicles, yes popsicles made from blood lol They also like regular and non frozen blood UwU It's more natural unfrozen But if ya want to keep your Yandere identity/urges a secret, y'all better start making some bloodsicles and say they're cherry flavor

Vick is now Liam's boyfriend btw, they used to not be dating Since we reset the story, they are dating and we changed up some events And again, yes it is a Voltron story lol Lucile is Liam's rival like in the Yandere simulator

Yandere: What do I have to do to get a free snack around here??? Liam: Kill people and take their blood

Yandere: You know what would make having no WiFi better than it is? Liam: Yes Liam: Having WiFi

Yandere: If I had a dime for every time someone questioned my sanity, the people who did would still be alive today

Shiro: What are your fears at the moment? Yandere and Liam: Not being accepted for who we are by Vick and everyone else around us

Yandere: I would give Vick a pillow Liam: But? Yandere: What? Liam: You would give Vick a pillow but? Yandere: That's it, I would give him a pillow Liam: A big one? Yandere: As big as he wants

Yandere: I'm eating healthy Liam: Eating blood is healthy? Yandere: Yeah, got those vitamins

Yandere: Whenever I think about Doritos, I think of Bill from Gravity Falls and that comforts me

Liam doing a crossword puzzle: What's a six letter word for 'gone'? Yandere: Lucile Lucile: Liam: It fits

?: You're going to therapy or we're not going to McDonald's Yandere and Liam: We're going to McDonald's if I don't go to therapy? ?: NO-

Yandere: I don't need friends, they disappoint me

Lanalia: Go make friends! Yandere: With my antisocial ass? No thanks, sister

Liam: If I hear about you starting a fire again, we're not getting that bus Yandere holding a lit torch behind their back: Awww (About the bus thing,,, we had a thing where they would run Lucile over with a bus)

Liam: Oh good, you're not busy Yandere doing their nails, drinking lemonade and sitting on a dead body: Actually, Liam, I am busy

Timmy, Leon and Riley singing Bad Romance: Leon: There's no way Riley can hit that high note Riley, sweet precious quiet Riley, shows them wrong: *does the high note splendidly* Leon: *impressed* (The date was 5-17-20, Iputthedateforthisone)

A scene in the story: Vick: "Not angsty enough? If you had a best friend, and, you practically loved them, but, one night, you finally see what they do when you're not there, and they tell you this because they don't want to betray you. What do you do?" Liam: "High-five them."

A scene where Vick knows about Liam being a Yandere, written by: me.

Yandere: Shouldn't mention the finger incident "Cover-up? Why would I do that? I like being friends with you, why would I cover up something like that?" Yandere: Not gonna mention the kills Liam: Be quiet "I put her somewhere?" Yandere: Liam, snap out of the confusion, it's time to stop being a confused Yandere now-

"Oh.. Wait, I killed someone with this?" Yandere was about to shake him. "Liam, come on-" Liam: Yandere, why am I being a dumbass? Yandere: Ouch, right in the feels- Well, Liam, for one thing, everything is confusing because of Vick's reaction, not to mention the real Liam is going crazy

Liam: Well, gee, thanks. Yandere: But for real though, you have been the real Liam this whole time, sometimes I came out and now you've changed a little differently Liam: How differently? Yandere: We're the same person, so? Liam: You're saying that, this whole time even with you in it, I've been the same?

Yandere: I have no idea. But what I do know is you're still the same Liam that loves his sister and big brother, the same Liam that hung out with Vick; killing people didn't affect that, it just awoke something that's been there since we were little. You just didn't know about it Liam: Because I forgot Yandere: Yeah. But I don't know if Vick would believe us if we said that

Liam: You're right, so what now? Yandere: You're the boss, show him or tell him Liam: I think telling would be best even if he doesn't believe it

"It wasn't a cover-up, I've always been Liam. I didn't just become friends with you to off Lucile; on the contrary, I did it because I wanted to. Killing Lucile didn't change it, if anything, it just makes me seen differently. I learned I was a Yandere like two days ago, so this is as new to you as it is to me.

I killed 28 people today and I don't know what to do about it or how to feel about it. Being guilty as hell is already going through my mind. I know you don't believe me or anything I'm saying; I just want to say I've been Liam with or without Yandere there with me."

Yandere: We did expect Vick to question us about this, we can't lie about that Liam: Yeah but it still, Yandere: Yeah, I know (:'( This saddened me, rereading it)

by todobakuisyes

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