Letter to a lost one (No Final)
Letter to a lost one (No Final) letter to a lost one stories

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Letter to a lost one (No Final)

Letter to a lost one, Who thought that they were done. A letter to one lost so long ago, That it brings up memories filled of sorrow. This letter may be read, For all those times that rein in dread.

The days have passed, Our lives long last, As we sail on our ship without a mast. Heading to the plains unknown, We strike it down with untold tones.

But even as we travel far, We are separated through more than a car. A million lifetimes and soon we may meet, The letter to a lost one, Buried snow deep.

This letter will tell about everyone we have lost, But not tell at what cost. Our faith was taken from us like a golden strike, Upon which we cannot say sike. This letter is true, And cannot be told without mentioning all the foretold.

This letter can not be written by one, Because there are too many to bring up one by one. The losses we have sustained, Our lives are being drained.

We still stand to this day, And never forget the letter took away our pain. We weep with tears over the ones we have lost, And cannot wonder for at what cost.

All we can do is remember the life they lived, Retell it again and again, In this letter for a lost one, That we may one day forget.

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