I have an idea.
I have an idea. #minetaxdeath stories

todobakuisyes Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   a month ago
A new series that's funny? *thinking emoji face*

I have an idea.

What if I made a series all about Mineta escaping death? XD Like the whole time he's trying not to die?

And it's funny situations that it happens and not less funny situations because I need a funny series here.

Mineta x Death is what it will be called.

Let me know if I should make it :3

Also any scenarios you want me to try out in the series? He can't die until he's escaped everything because then it wouldn't be a Mineta x Death series

I will most likely write some if I'm bored XD

Unless it has the tag #MinetaxDeath, it is not part of the series.

Okay, that's all

Byeeeeee :DDD (Also thanks for the idea, @katsukibakugo1)

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