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Hey guys question stories

todobakuisyes Community member
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Hey guys

You know how I said I was working on the next chapter of "Piercing eyes"?

Well, the thing is, I still need truths and dares and cannot finish without some <:O

If you could help me out with this, I will make another fanfic like "Candy cane"; I saw how a lot of you liked it :3

I really want to continue "Piercing eyes" and give you the next chapter! I did give you a new episode of "Don't show weakness" because I got inspiration, and I still feel bad I didn't write it for you guys sooner :'(

I don't want to beg but please help me out here!!!! "Piercing eyes" will possibly have a few more updates and end Then I can make new stories and perhaps a Drarry series if the time feels right

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