Hey guys
Hey guys somethings stories

todobakuisyes Community member
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Read this if you want to know a few things

Hey guys

So I updated my "Looking myself up because I'm bored and lonely as hell", first part and second part. The first one is Commaful version and the second is Wattpad and Tapas version, both updated

Just wanted to let you know if you ever look back at it and get confused on why it's different

I mean, I don't even know why you would look back at it but to each their own I guess

I'll be berry picking again some time today so I will not have many updates

I apologize

I hope you'll enjoy the updates I do get uploaded later today and the ones tomorrow, if anything doesn't disrupt my plans


also I have a Mineta X Death possible oneshot on hold that I promise will be out sometime next week, I'm guessing anyway

So that's it! :D Hope you enjoy (oof why would you? These are terrible---)

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