For @star_whisperer Request: Cricket from Wings of Fire Pages: 30 (facts) Pages done: 30
For @star_whisperer
Request: Cricket from Wings of Fire 
Pages: 30 (facts)
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For @star_whisperer Request: Cricket from Wings of Fire Pages: 30 (facts) Pages done: 30

*Cricket is a young female HiveWing and the main protagonist of The Hive Queen. *What she is interested in is: Several fields of science, such as invention and botany *Is one of the only known HiveWings who is not subject to Queen Wasp's othermind control.

*Currently fleeing as a refugee towards Pyrrhia *Has romantic feelings for Blue *Has orange-cold scales speckled here and there with black spots that look like tiny inkblots *Has golden-yellow talons, gold-orange wings and warm, dark brown eyes

*Is smaller than Blue *Has small and sharp claws like a leopard's, as well as an open and curious face *Wears gold-rimmed spectacles and a bag tied sideways across her chest *Blue notes her to smell like books and apples

*Fascinated by science and is always eager to learn new things *Extremely curious and inquisitive, and constantly asks questions about anything and everything (Much to Sundew, Cadelle, and all her teachers' annoyance)

*Slightly rebellious and kind but is often frustrated by the laws of HiveWing society, which prevents her from learning many of the things she's interested in *Never portrayed as dignified or authoritarian *Known to be quite empathetic and passionate

*Rescued Blue from her tribe in the Lost Continent despite having never met him, later helping him rescue Swordtail *Carries little of the usual HiveWing smugness and haughtiness, is kind yet firm, and is not pushed around easily *Very open-minded

* Her open-mindedness was demonstrated by Blue observing her in the Last Continent that she stopped to listen and think about what he had said, and weighed it against her ideas and beliefs *The way she doesn't have all of her beliefs set firmly in place in her head, like most dragons, and is willing to see different perspectives

*Dislikes conflict and violence and only wants the best for most dragons *Extremely intelligent, which is proven on several occasions: a significant one is when she was able to find a library key hidden in a statue in Clearsight with nothing more than a few very vague directions

*Believes she can save the tribe with "truths and flyers" *Not afraid to try new things *Tried a formula used to make plants stronger on Swordtail, not knowing whether it would work or if it would turn out bad for dragons

*Loves learning new things and experimenting *Believes there are some good HiveWings that would help them if they could like the Librarian in the Temple of Clearsight *She is 6 years old and was hatched in 5006 AS

*Shown to have a close relationship with her "sister" *States that Katydid always covers for her *Katydid was revealed to be Cricket's mother and one of the only dragons Cricket loves besides Blue

*Never had any romantic feelings for Bombardier *Describes him as awful, arrogant, smug, and also comments that there's not much difference between his normal self and his brain-dead, mind-controlled self

*Says that if she had the power to save the HiveWings from Queen Wasp's control, she would save Bombardier, perhaps last, after all the others, to demonstrate her hate for him

*First time she saw HiveWings being controlled, while she wondered why they were acting strange, she thought maybe it was because she was too young. Soon realized that it couldn't be that because Bombardier was her age and was being mind-controlled too

*Became friends with Blue in the Lost Continent *Both say they are best friends, with Cricket saying she would be Blue's best friend even if she knew every dragon on Pantala *Describes Blue as being one of the most colorful (and handsome) SilkWings she's ever seen

*Has called Blue "beautiful"at least twice out loud *In her POV, she repeats that she thinks his face and wings are handsome *Recalls a moment in The Lost Continent that can be described as romantic

*Is revealed to return Blue's love but is unsure he feels the same *Is extremely sad when she has to leave him behind in The Poison Jungle after he is likely infected with the Breath of Evil *Lady Sacrab turns out to be deeply interwoven in Cricket's history

*Lady Sacrab helped cover for Cricket's egg *Is scolded by Lady Sacrab but is unlikely that Lady Scrab hates the dragonet *Gets told a lot of useful information by Lady Sacrab, discussing the HiveWing bloodline and reasons why they were both immune to Queen Wasp's mind control

*Sundew hates HiveWings more than Swordtail but seems to be okay with Cricket, acting a bit more friendly and open around her in The Hive Queen and saying she was different *Sundew has a certain extent of trust for Cricket that has been displayed

*Bumblebee was an egg rescued from Queen Wasp's poisons in the hatchery and has a naturally close relationship with Cricket *Bumbledee has a little like a sister-mother relationship with her *Has inferred that Bumblebee cannot be controlled by Queen Wasp, just like her

*Believed Swordtail disliked her, but changes her mind when Swordtail objects to her comment about them needing to find out what's wrong with her and right with the rest of the tribe *Not close to Cadelle even though Cadelle is her grandmother

*Has recalled being terrified of Cadelle as a small dragonet, and her latest encounter with her grandmother reveals that those feelings have not subsided, even after years apart *Originally believed Cadelle was her mother because Katydid was unable to raise Cricket as her mother

*Seemed pretty excited when Tsunami enters the Poison Jungle and wanted to ask her a lot of questions *Probably because Cricket has a very curious mind, she wanted to know more about "The Distant kingdoms"

*Later on shown to trust Tsunami deeply for she asked her to take care of Bumblebee when she went out looking for Hawthorn *Cricket is the third dragon to wear glasses or spectacles *Is the first protagonist to wear glasses or spectacles

*Refused to throw out a seed she had found on a gathering trip, not knowing what it was until it started growing, somehow managing to grow a small tree in her terrarium in her botany class

*Cricket is the second character in the series to be depicted on two book covers (The Lost Continent and The Hive Queen) *Is one of the four dragons to be on a book cover that they are not PoV in

*Described by Blue that Cricket's breath smells like apples, which is strange given to the fact that dragons eat meat *Was originally going to be a reporter or journalist

*Seems to be too energetic for the rest of the hive, possibly because she can not be mind controlled by Wasp *Her energy has led her to being kicked out of many of her classes *Her tribe is the HiveWings and her special power is that she is immune to Queen Wasp's mind control

*Her father is Malachite while her mother is Katydid *Her adopted child is Bumblebee whereas Cadelle is her grandmother *Her grandfather is an unnamed HiveWing

*She is a student at Terrarium Academy in Cicada Hive *Has appeared in The Lost Continent, The Hive Queen, and The Poison Jungle

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