Don't show weakness (Episode 3)
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Don't show weakness (Episode 3)

The next morning- brought to you by Kaminari!~

Kirishima had noticed Bakugo hadn't said or mentioned anything about last night's episode. He didn't pry into it though; he let him be. For now.. On the other hand, what better way to get information than to ask the people close to him if the one you were asking about would have told you, "Don't worry about other people's business, damn shitty hair! Fuck off!" and would have promptly flipped you off?

He waited until everyone had finished dinner and Bakugo had said he was going out and left the house. He then walked over to Masaru first as he noticed Bakugo's mom was like him and he didn't know how she would react. Then he had the idea of asking both at the same time to avoid more confrontation. "Mr. and Mrs. Bakugo, could we talk for a minute?" He asked politely.

Masaru and Mitsuki looked at each other and then stood up and followed him to the living room/common area where they all sat down, Kiri on a chair and the other two on the couch. Mitsuki began first. "What seems to be the trouble, Kirishima?" "Well," He began as he then told them the events of last night.

Masaru and Mitsuki exchanged looks every so often between parts of the story. Mitsuki then had a concerned look after he had finished. "They're back again, aren't they?" Masaru nodded. Mitsuki sighed as Kirishima had a confused look on his face. After a while, apprehension dawned on his face. "So it has happened more than once to Bakubro?"

Mitsuki sighed. "You wouldn't think it with the personality he has but yes, Bakugo has experienced on more than one occasion. He used to have them every once in awhile when he was little up until he was 8 and they continued more constantly. He told us not to bother with it and that he was more than fine when he was 11. After that, we stopped hearing about the nightmares from-

his old friend." Kirishima assumed she meant Midoriya. "What happened after that?" "Well, of course when it first happened, we would check on him every night or so and then after he told us that, we stopped to check every now and then. Lately though we haven't checked on him. We had thought they had evaporated, disappeared, went away, whatever you want-

to call it when he was 15." Kirishima gathered that into his thoughts. "I have some questions about that. Could they have never gone away and he possibly hid them from you or could they have come back from the sludge incident and the kidnapping?" "Well," Now Masaru was a quiet man and was known to say only a few words (I don't know if this is true, this-

is my own assumption from that theory video about how/ why Bakugo could be/is the way he is) "I thought he would be okay at the end because of how strong he is, and I was right." Mitsuki looked at Masaru with an approving look. "I agree. I may seem tough on him at times but I really do care for that boy. I only want what's-

best for him. He's a tough person and I understand if he had gotten nightmares from something like that. I had nightmares for a while even after he came back. Masaru was there for me, of course but during that time, I felt confident of Bakugo but also afraid he wouldn't come back. He wouldn't like me saying any of this or telling people about it.

So I hope this helps with your questions, Kirishima." "Just call me Kiri, Mrs. Bakugo. And thank you for answering my questions about Bakugo." "Please, just call me Mitsuki." Masaru nodded. "No need for formalities, we're family now."

Time skip brought to you by a cute baby frog! (Real frog that's here right now) After the weekend's over- At school

Kirishima left Bakugo alone and headed over to question Midoriya. Midoriya was chatting with Ochako at the time and from what Kirishima could hear, Ochako was talking excitedly about Tsuyu and her plans for movie night next Tuesday. Kirishima caught Midoriya's attention and Midoriya told Ochako he would see her later and walked over to Kirishima.

"What's up, Kiri?" Midoriya began. "Let's talk somewhere else, yeah?" Midoriya raised an eyebrow but followed him to another room where there was only Jiro and Momo talking in the corner. They sat down a ways from the two girls and Kirishima began with what he had found out-

and what had happened the nights before. Midoriya looked thoughtful during it all. "I didn't know he still had them." "So you know about it?" "A couple times I helped him with it after I found out one time I stayed over. But after that, I had thought they had gone away and after Kacchan first told me he was fine, I believed it. Besides, me and-

Kacchan aren't close anymore, you know. More like rivals or frenemies." Kirishima hmmed. "Thanks for talking with me, Midoriya." Midoriya smiled. "It was no problem, Kiri."

Time skip brought to you by Midoriya, for being so helpful- At the end of classes

Todoroki's POV

I was walking to the meeting place Kirishima had set up for a movie last week that he had said we had to see. On the way, I wondered about what Kirishima and Midoriya had talked about. Kirishima had pulled Midoriya aside and they had went to some other room to talk. It wasn't any of my business, but I couldn't help but wonder:

What had they talked about and why so secretive about it?

Here ya go!!! :D I had inspiration and I used it- Sorry for how long it's taken ^^;

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