A small challenge :3
A small challenge :3 challenge stories

todobakuisyes Community member
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By todobakuisyes

A small challenge :3

Who is my favorite character in Gravity Falls? Try to guess who it is, and whoever guesses right will get more and newer pictures of my cats and other animals such as our bunnies, our goats, our cows, our dog, our donkey, our ducks and Turkeys plus our chickens :3

Jk lol But if you do want those pictures and want to dare this challenge, then go ahead :3 If you want something else, we can make a deal, get to an agreement and a compromise that works for both of us

If several guess it right, I will give them a shoutout at the end and chat with them and become friends with them if they want me to. People have said I'm addictive to talk to and I wonder if it's true

Me when I see my favorite character-

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