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A meme

Based off this Tiktok I found on Pinterest: https://pin.it/4c4OW6B

Lance and God watching his funeral: God: Alright, you ready for your funeral? Lance, sighing: Yeah, let's get it over with God: Alright now this is serious, I want you to be serious, now Lance: I gotchu, I gotchu

Lance in the casket: Priest or somebody: Here lies the body of someone special- Lance: Pfft- Lance, laughing: W-wait, w-wait, w-wait, why do I look like that? XD God: You look nice

Lance: I look like I'm 'bout to jump out that casket but go 'head Priest or somebody: We are all gathered here today by- Lauren: *screeches* mY baBy Lance, bursts out laughing, trying to stop it: God, giving him a look:

Lance: I-*laughter in between* I'm so sorry XD Lance: That- That caught me off guard- that caught me off guard, go ahead, go ahead XDD Priest or somebody: We will now have the viewing of the body

Pidge, covering her mouth as she walks up: *makes some noise and faints* Lance, bursting out laughing and trying to hide it again: God, I'm sorry, it's a habit, how she faint like that *can't stop laughing now*

God, trying to hide a small smile: Lauren: I loVe yOu, BaBy *doing some weird patty cake thing* Lance, dying(again) of laughter: Why she playin' patty cake? XDD Why-why-why she playin' patty cake?? XDDD God, trying to hold his laughter in:

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