5 motivational quotes about Leaves
5 motivational quotes about Leaves poem fight stories

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Inspirational quotes for the poem fight, all about leaves

5 motivational quotes about Leaves

People may say that you're one of the reasons the world is the way it is while meaning it in a bad way. But remember, leaves may only seem to do a few things every year but it does more by being there.

Leaves like to fall, that's true. But they get back up every year and flourish anew.

Leaves are used in many pieces of literature like poems, haikus, short stories, true stories, the past and many more. But so are you. It may not seem like it at first, but if you look really closely, you'll notice hidden messages in those pieces, slowly revealing what is hidden underneath.

Leaves make their own stories and tell their own tales. So do we, every day.

Leaves like to sail on the wind and land down in the part of the world they want to be in, just like us.

Explanation if you didn't understand them: 1. People say that we are the bad things in life. For some, leaves are a nuisance that should be cleaned up. But to others, they believe, and many, look forward to leaves coming back every year, again and again, even after every fall

3. We are important too, remember that. 4. We write our own stories just by living day after day; leaves use what time they have to write their own tales/stories, coming back every year with a new tale/story 5. When reading it, it's better when described as "You have a choice", the words going through your mind.

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