Dear Diary,
Dear Diary, summer-horror stories

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Entry for summer-horror contest. Just for fun.

Dear Diary,

It's two weeks before school starts and people are out buying school supplies, new clothes, ect. Though me and my friends are focused on hanging out as much as possible before school.

My parents are normally really chill and all I have to do is say where I'm going, say who I'll be with, and come back at a reasonable time.

There have been people going missing though this summer so my parents have been super protective. I have speed dial open when walking around and they gave me pepper spray to carry.

Some of the kids joke around saying it's a killer and the whole "your next" thing. I don't believe it. Until the Monday exactly thirteen days before school.

Whenever I walked around with or without my friends I felt like I was being watched. I'd see a shadow behind me and hear an extra set of feet walking.

I just assumed I was being paranoid and brushed it off. This happened for a few days then I woke up to a note tapped right above my bed on the ceiling.

I opened it and what it said scared me to death.


I love your hair. You're so beautiful... You'd make a great addition to my collection... There'd be plenty of company...

Don't worry you'll join soon. Probably in the next few days... Can't wait to see you. Or more of you to see me...

I panicked and didn't know what to do. I felt like if I told my parents whoever gave the letter would take them with me... So I waited.

I stayed in my room as long as possible with 91 pressed into the speed dial. 5 days till school I decided to see my friend thinking the note must have been a prank.

I came home okay but when I got back there was another note. All it said was "see you soon". I'm writing this down so people will know what happened before at least. Know the signs...

I'm scared... I made some tea, it's calming... I could almost just fall right asleep. Right asle

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