Anarcho-Jean: An Homage To Jean Ferrat
Anarcho-Jean: An Homage To Jean Ferrat jeanferrat stories
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From sidewalks to urban landscapes, In the Summer's heat to dead Winter.

Anarcho-Jean: An Homage To Jean Ferrat

From sidewalks to urban landscapes,

In the Summer's heat to dead Winter.

I have imagined as much as you

Yet I'm humbled to have you roast me under the pew.

I will stop writing only when I die.

In the Summer's heat that makes one sweat

From dead apocalyptic trees and Winter breeze

There is no transparency in this season breeze.

Oh Jean Ferrat,

Your taste for joy is admirable,

I'll lend you a hand if I'm able.

Jean Ferrat de France.

The air of freedom seems absent,

When you obsess of Rospierre.

Imperialism may never slow down, au contraire

To this Rospierre, with his guillotine.

Prestige is something for old white men.

But for Jean Ferrat, sil vous plait come again.

Jean Ferrat de France.

Victor Hugo was a raving Lunatic in his own day.

And for you in your own day that you may.

But if you will give me this solidarity.

I shall show you another way.

You decry child labor yet love auth communism,

Would you not want of leftist communion?

Lets torch the factories, give that girl another life.

Jean Ferrat de France.

Lets take back the means of automation,

And create our own Picasso, generative dance.

But lets shoot nobody except that capitalist scum,

Even those ran by the state,

Lets hammer the drum!

Jean Ferrat de France.

Rather than filling mass graves with dead children,

Lets murder Rospierre's ideologies,

And name your new Queen Marxist Mildren.

Jean Ferrat de France.

Jean Ferrat de France.

Our rebel shall not come from the Mines,

But from the minorities divine.

Lets give way to another life,

Not hold onto ancient memories.

Let us shine.

Jean Ferrat de France.

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