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toddthurman Trying to stand up and say what's beauty
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The trap of exhibitionism

Spill Me

I didn't belong where I was planted. It was bleak. It was hot. it was nowhere.

but still I danced and made every effort.

my lips were numb face was cracked I hungered for the sea where God had loosed me.

but people need their zoos. need their gossiping need their erotic. . . to keep in a bottle.

So . . . I prayed and prayed for a mighty WIND. I PRAYED to be taken away.

And then it came. A stirring of atmospheres. But it wasn't enough. something more was required

and so I began to rock. --and they saluted me as if bidding me goodbye. and then it happened . . .

It spilled me over or I spilled out whichever way you look at it I escaped . . .

But how did you get in that bottle? -- people ask me. Easy, I tell them.

You just long too much . . .

To be on display!

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