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tobystubbs Amateur Short Stories @fantasy73writing
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Today, I felt inspired.

Today, I decided to inspire others.

Today, I hope, I made people happy.

Take a read, it won't take long, and I think - I hope - it'll be worth it.

Tl; Dr: Not Long, Just Read It

by tobystubbs

*Takes a deep breath*

Disclaimer: I'm under the influence of high amounts of inspiration, and so shouldn't be reprimanded for my - however cringeworthy - actions.

Hey there Guys and Gals

(and everything in between - or beyond) My name's Toby.

I'm 16 years old.

I'm white, from a fairly privileged background, And I'm gay. And, of course, like everyone else on this God forsaken website, I'm a 'writer'.

You may note the inverted commas.

That's because I don't like the word.. It feels strange, and self indulgent. It's not like I've written anything of merit, and it's certainly not like I'm a professional.

But, I guess, I am still a writer..

I mean, I guess we all are.


That doesn't mean we all write fantasy short stories, like I do- Fantasy73writing on tumblr *cough* What I mean, is...

We're all writers of our own fate,

And that's what I'm here to write about, now. But WAIT. (Scroll down please)

Before you give up on my story,

Thinking I'm just another 'One of Those' (Yaknow, the ones who try to tell you 'You're a weaver of your own tapestry'; 'You can do whatever you want'; 'You're the master of your own life')

/Just give me a chance/

Because the thing is, I may only be young, and I may not be wise, and I may not even be original, But that's the thing.

Are any of us really old? Are any of us wise?

I mean, that guy in all the films, who's old and wise and has stories to tell and knows exactly how to tell them, Is he real?

Gosh damn 'course he isn't!

Or is he...? (No he's honestly not)


While he may not be physically walking upon this beautiful Earth, (Or waiting in a hut for a hero to advise) I honestly believe that he is within us all.

Because I believe

That it's our job on this Earth to inspire each and every one of our fellow people. (Even if we don't have a magical staff and a trailing white beard.)

But wait, that's not all

That old man. I've always seen a problem, with him.

He always seems to be there to inspire others,

But does he ever inspire himself?

That's the question I will pose to you.

Have you inspired yourself?

You probably sit around,

Hoping for something to happen. But I think we both know it's not gonna.

And even if you don't sit around

If you're constantly doing things to make a change You need to stop for a second. And think: Are you really making yourself happy?

Because that's our goal in the short time we have, right?

To be happy?

You may say 'No! I want to make others happy, not myself!'

But therein lies the problem. Because if we want to make others happy, that in turn means that you're admitting that it /is/ everyone's ultimate goal - to be happy - even you.

Because if you're assuming it's their goal,

Then it must be your goal too, right?

Anyway, just think about that.

When you're sitting around watching TV, Having a cup of tea, Watching a film, Reading this

Or when you're running around,

Trying to catch up, Killing yourself with stress, And trying to constantly make others happy, (Whether that's family, friends, or anyone)

You've just got To Stop.

Try - for me - just try to make yourself happy. Just find something - anything - that does that for you.

Now, I don't even care anymore how many upvotes this gets,

Or whether I win this competition

I just want to make even one person happy.

That, I swear to you, is all I want.

I really hope I've done that.

Because I really have tried. Thank you.

P.S. Special thanks to Mollie Busby

For helping me to find happiness in myself, always. She's the reason I've written this, and she's the reason that I, myself, am inspired. Thank you.

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