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A small town with minds at work.

By: Turhon

by Turhon

The small town of Humble resembles most small towns in America. Somehow as time moved along; this place remained unchanged.

Shortleaf pines, gave shade to the small homes on either side of dirt roads, leading to only dead ends, and a multitude of lakes and streams.

James had lived here all his life, and he loved every second of freedom that the small town provided him. His life had always been carefree until now.

A few weeks before his 25th birthday, James lost both parents in a horrific car accident. He’d never felt true anguish, never seen such carnage.

In spite the fact that he was profoundly wounded by this sudden blow to the heart, his dedication to keeping the farm running was most important.

He felt as though he had a connection to the soil, a yearning to cultivate which in the long run made him a better individual.

James didn't see it as work but as a mission of healing, which he thought gave him a true understanding of nature.

The family farm had never been particularly successful. In fact, before the death of his parents, James tried vehemently to convince them to sell the land, all 17 acres.

But now he was mad with ambition. The only thing he could think of was the restoration of this small but beautiful home.

But first, he had to somehow revive the biological forces underneath the earth. Topsoil had been blown away by wind or washed away by heavy rains.

He knew it would be a difficult process to rebuild not only the home but the ground surrounding him. After days of contemplation, rage, and finally logic, James decided he needed help.

He had a Brilliant friend from Highschool, who was called Grey by the locals.

Grey had been kicked out of every school in the county, and James knew he was a bit unhinged, but considered him a friend nonetheless.

Two weeks after the initial call to Grey, he decided to stop by the farm.

It was a quiet Monday morning and the birds seemed to be in an uproar: as if they knew the energy ahead was something extraordinary.

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