Unforgettable au-2018 stories
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tlalliwritepain I literally have no idea what I'm doing
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Au where gladiators exist in a modern dystopian future. Girls are chosen by gladiators as brides. It is seen as a true honor. If the girl disagrees she must kill the gladiator for the right to freedom.


This is it. I can hear the crowd chanting for more blood. I feel the vibration of their feet as they stomp.

Why? Why was I born female? Why does it have to be my 15th birthday? And why does Caine want to marry me? He's never lost in the arena. His skill with the sword is undeniable.

He made his intentions to marry me clear once I reached 12. Now its either fight and kill him or marry him. My friends say I should feel proud to have such a capable Glad as my betrothed.

Except they don't know , that I'm gay. They don't know that I practiced fighting everyday with my twin brother until he was no longer a challenge. So I will fight today and I will win.

I will defeat Caine and protect my honor. I will become unforgettable.

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