My Faithful Flail
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My Faithful Flail

My Faithful Flail Now, I remember! He was a greasy little wild-eyed weasel, brave (when he thought he was winning). And quick, despite his poor physique.

My Faithful Flail He dodged left and right in the fray -- happy at my discomfort. Joyous when his spawn-mate thrust a knife into my back!

My Faithful Flail But oh, the wide-eyed horror when his play-mate struck iron instead of flesh. When the dagger twisted, and I cut out his brother's heart!

My Faithful Flail "A neat trick", he might have thought later -- if he'd had some time. But no! I had his time, and I struck his hour with all my might.

My Faithful Flail Once he was a warrior, but now, by our campfire, he is a bit of skin and hair, clinging to my faithful flail. /TKT

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