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tkt Wondering.
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There are many forms of lightning.

In a Flash

In a Flash Prologue. In the mid '90's the poet Holly Solt put out a challenge for her many friends to write sub-missions that were outside their regular experience, in order to experience the other corners of the kingdom.

In a Flash Prologue. One respondent was Tom Loos, who seemed to be from Indiana. Tom wrote a sonnet. Now mostly, I enjoy meaning, metre, structure and rhyme. So Tom Loos' sonnet grabbed me. "An hour or two of work", said he.

In a Flash Prologue. But I never let it go. It was brilliant, and yet imperfect, and yet -- did I mention, brilliant? So I played with it over the years, staying true. Honestly, I don't know if it is better, and it isn't a sonnet, but it is something. Thank you, Tom.

In a Flash I see a flash of lightning, which shocks my eyes in tracings on the dark. Arcs through clouds, flashing fury that sunders ground with spark.

In a Flash A rumbling resonance rebounds sounds, crackling off canyons, it lashes and clashes ... reverberates ... invigorates. It pounds down through the night in tumbling crashes.

In a Flash Long after, gentler rains escape the swollen nimbus as sodden darkness. Cooling stripes of wet surcease for a parched land; a blessing from Olympus.

In a Flash Not of storm, but of love I write. Racing in my heart and my hand tonight. /Tom Loos + TKT

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