Birdcaged:Part 2 THE NAME
Birdcaged:Part 2 THE NAME comedy stories

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I woke up with no memories.
In a giant birdcage
And the only way to get out of here is to fight in a Coliseum against giant monsters
So yeah we are basically fuc**d!!!!!

yours truly AD

Birdcaged:Part 2 THE NAME

WRITER'S NOTE: YO Human beings my name is TK and two things first before you read this awesome story of awesomeness...

FIRST THINGS FIRST: my English sucks so excuse me, please :) and secondly I never wrote or read anything before.... so yeah I am a super amateur BUT through recent events in my private life.

It got me motivated to write something... SO ENJOY PEACE OUT oh yeah I would really appreciate if you guys help me out with grammar and stuff :3


"So....where are we heading?" Asked the amnesiac boy who covered his private parts.

Do to unknown circumstances the young man woke up naked without anykind of memories of his past. While walking he keeps looking arround, out of paranoyer (?) That someone might see him.

"We are heading for the headquarter" said the redhead while trying to hold in her giggle .

She clearly enjoys the struggle of the naked boy.

"Are you laughing?.....Anyways how far is the headquarter away? He asked while picking some leaves from the ground , to use it to cover his junk.

"Past the village and the farm"she said while pointing her finger towards the village.

He gasped and started to panick again.

His allready blushing face got even more red,like a tomato.

"I-I just cant walk past people naked!What if I get reported! I am to young for jail!"

His red face got suddenly pale as he stopped walking.

"Relax...we dont have any police here. Oh and yeah you should put some clothes on" she said smiling while digging inside her bag.

She pulled out a big white basic shirts and handed it to him. He just stand there dumbstuck and said

"You sirious right now?...WHY WOULDNT YOU GAVE ME THIS SOONER?"

He firiously puts his shirt on. The red haired girl just laughed.

"I mean.... you never asked."

She said while still giggling

"HAHA well arent you a funny one miss....whats your name?"

she calmed herself and let out a small cough to clear her trought

"The name is Scarlet"

"Figures" he said while crossing his arms to give her a pissed look.

"Well lets get a move on." Scarlet said while starting to walk towards the town


"So you said there are no police here..why is that? Arent you scared to get robed or anything?"

He said while looking at the town and its people. The town looked more like an old village. With multiple small houses, no real streets, no light post, just a small silent village.

The people however are looking really......muscular,the mans are real beefcakes, even the womens are looking strong....maybe even stronger than himself...

While all the buff villager started to look at him he felt a little...uneasy.

"We don't need police... because we are all sitting in the same birdcage. We dont got time to doubt each other...we...we are there"

As he wondered what she meant by that, he saw a big house, a bigger version of the houses we saw at the village.


Scarlet holds the door open and said

"Come on in newbie"

Without much hesitation he walked in hoping for answers. As he stepped in he realized that that there was i giant floating crystal

" does it float?"

He asked while his jaw dropps to the ground

"Dunno" scarlet said while shrugging with her shoulders

He gave her a confussed look "huh?"

"Well until BOSS arrives we should give you a new name."

"Wait a new name? How about my old name? Wont i get my memoreis back and who is this boss?"

He asked scared almost knowing the answer himself.

"Well first of all its not boss its BOSS... and secondly no one has ever remembered his real get on with the program and give yourself a new name.

" She said while her hand reaches out for the crystal. The crystal starts to glow. It seem like like i have to give myself a new username or something like that...

"Wait i can give myself a name.. like anything i want even something stupid like Awesome Dude...seriously... hmm about King art-.."

"Ok Awesome Dude it is." Scarlet typing awesome dude into the crystals projected keyboard.

Awesome Dude starts to scream hysterically

making weird noises while flailing his arms arround


please dont do th-.."

"And done" she smiled mischievously

While the crystal registers his new name

Awesome dudes face got pale again. His body dropping on the floor, starting to make weird noises again. " way..."

"Well nice to meet you Awesome Dude...its actually a mouthfull so we will just call you AD allright?" Scarlet laughing sadisticly

"What did i do to deserve this..." AD lying on the ground whining like a little kid.

"Whats with this noises in here?"

A handsome young man comes in looking at this questionable scenery.

To be continued

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